Hi, I'm Yaser!

University Innovation Fellows

Through a 6-week training program through Stanford University and a week-long trip to Silicon Valley, my inspiration and love for innovation and entrepreneurship has never been as high.

This program connected me with hundreds of highly motivated people who have caused real change around the world.

With my partner and co-president of the Dalhousie Entrepreneurship Society, we were able to complete a program named Teusday Take-offs and inspire hundreds of students to get involved with innovation and entrepreneurship.

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What does it mean to be Canadian?

I was born in Syria, yet I grew up in Canada. It took my family and I over 10 years to become Canadian citizens, much longer than it should have taken. While I am very proud of my Syrian background, I would not trade my Canadian citizenship for the world. Living in Canada, we sometimes take it for granted that we live a Canadian lifestyle, but I truely appreciate every minute of it. The ability to get great education, having the freedoms of life, and being able to enjoy and celebrate our roots and backgrounds is an experience that is truly only Canadian. Eh?

Dalhousie Syrian Student Society

The Syrian Student Society has been one of the most active societies at Dalhousie University and across the maritimes. The society has been vital in spereading and promoting the real Syrian culture. As the president of the society, it has been my mission to strategically navigate the society to bigger success and wider reach.

Our biggest event so far was Shokran Canada with over 500 attendees and thousands of dollars raised for Habitat for Humanity. This event was our milestone in showing the true Syrian culture as a culture of love, generosity, and good food, not a culture of war.

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